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Special Announcement

The Alberta 3D PPE team was assembled just two months ago with the goal of addressing PPE shortages related to the COVID-19 pandemic by locally manufacturing and distributing 2000 donated face shields to Alberta’s front line health care providers. We are excited to announce that in this short time we have had over 150 incredible volunteers join our team, raised over $12,000, created an AHS approved decontamination protocol, fulfilled 110 orders and we are close to meeting our goal!

We are excited to announce that this week we passed the half way mark. We have distributed 1000 face shields and 12,000 ear savers. We have an additional 700 face shields (only 300 away from meeting our goal!) and 2500 ear savers in inventory at our HQ. Over the past week orders have slowed significantly, and this is a good thing! As supply chains are restored and infection rates decrease in the province we expect the demand to continue to slow. We are currently reaching out to charitable organizations, like homeless shelters, who may not have the resources to acquire PPE to ensure they can operate safely.

We recognize that our volunteers will be adjusting to the ‘new normal’, with some returning to work over the coming weeks. Once we have reached our goal we plan to put a pause on the project, but will be ready to reactivate our team if the need arises. Rest assured that the connections made and lessons learned throughout this project will be taken forward in exciting new directions, with avenues for the commercial production of high quality, cost-effective and locally made PPE being discussed among our local business partners, an endeavour wholly separate from Alberta 3D PPE, but not possible without the journey we’ve undertaken. We are also working on publishing a “pandemic manual” of sorts to ensure that the blueprints to this project are widely accessible and can be quickly enacted in the event of a future crisis.

What does this mean for our volunteers? We will continue to need all the help we can get at HQ to ensure we can get the remaining 1000 shields out to those who need it. If you have been printing at home, it’s time for you to use up any filament you have been provided with then rest those hard-working printers or focus on a new project. We will post on Slack if we need your help again.

Our success story is one of many across Canada, and it would not be possible without our extremely dedicated volunteers and generous donors, not to mention the millions of Albertans who continue to follow public health recommendations and flatten the infection curve in the interest of our collective well-being.

Alberta 3D PPE
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Do your part and stop the spread.

Support us in 3D printing face shields and other vital equipment to protect Alberta's frontline workers who are fighting to save lives during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our goal is to protect as many people as possible. Therefore all the items we create are free. If you do have the ability to donate, the funds will be used for material costs to produce more PPE and protect more people.

Who are we?

We are a group of healthcare professionals, local business owners, designers, engineers, and community members in Edmonton, Alberta. We are also collaborating with groups in other areas of the province. Our mission is to support frontline workers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

How can you help?

  • Print Face Shields at Home: Have access to a 3D printer? Get in touch with us about joining our team or join our Facebook group for up to date information.

  • Donate Time or Skill: We need help with packaging, couriering and many other things. Fill out our volunteer form if you want to get involved.

  • Share Our Message: Help us get the word out and reach more people.

  • Donate Funds or Materials: Every dollar counts towards meeting our goal. See below for a link to our GoFundMe campaign. We are also in need of filament (PETG, ABS, PLA) and buttonhole elastic. Get in touch with us if you have access to these materials and would like to donate them.

Visit our 'How to Help' page for more information & to fill out a volunteer form.

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